About us

We’re Fashion Baby – a nature inspired luxury lifestyle brand.

In a fast-paced and often overwhelming world, there is one thing that will always bring
us together: Nature. At Fashion Baby, we believe that nature has the power to bridge
divides and create room for the synthesis of different ideas and spaces. Our designs are
inspired by this notion, because we choose to find beauty in that which unifies us. All of
our products are genderless, and our patterns and prints are influenced by the organic
beauty of nature. We blend the sleek, bold aesthetic of high fashion and the organic
grace of the natural world.



At Fashion Baby, we believe that nature has the power to change people and change the

A Message from the Founder:

I was raised in the countryside, so I developed a deep connection with the natural world
at a formative age. When I moved to Paris as a teenager, I experienced a total culture
shock. Eventually, though, I fell equally in love with the city. Over time, I felt an
increasing urge to bring together these two spaces with which I identified. At 18, I
found one: Fashion Baby. In my designs, I mix together the aesthetics of urban and rural
life in order to create a fresh, disruptive look. This work has given me an outlet in which
I can build a bridge between these separate worlds I love so much.
I think in many ways, we are all seeking that sense of harmony. As the world becomes
increasingly digital, urbanised, and fast-paced, we look toward nature in order to
ground ourselves. Nature reminds us of the ways we are connected to the earth – and to
each other.
Right now, I am both full-time at FBB and a full-time student. Even though it has been
challenging to manage school and this company at the same time, my passion for both
keeps me going. I am so excited about the direction FBB is headed, and I cannot wait to
share more of my designs with you all!
When I started FBB, I always knew that my clothing had to be cruelty-free. From the get
go, I made sure that everything we made was vegan and ethically sourced. This mission
has expanded over time as I have done more thinking about sustainability and my
impact on the environment. Please take a moment to read FBB’s sustainability
statement and find out more about our work!
Thank you to everyone who has supported me in making my ideas become a reality.
Without my team – including all the friends and family who have believed in me this
whole time – FBB would not exist in its current form.
With love,
Lucas Portman.


We believe that luxury does not need to come at the expense of sustainability. We have
an obligation not to take advantage of that which we appreciate. To us, this means treating
the environment with love and respect.

We are proud of the strides we have made in the direction of sustainability, which

  1. Aiming for zero waste by saving and repurposing materials that would otherwise
    be discarded
  2. Creating all of our products with vegan materials
  3. Using 100% ethically-sourced cotton in our clothing
  4. Eliminating any unnecessary transportation throughout our supply chain to
    reduce carbon emissions
  5. Continually investigating new technologies, materials and strategies that can
    further aid us in our pursuit of sustainability
    We are aware of the areas in which we can improve our impact on the environment, and
    sustainability is a part of every conversation we have at FBB. If you have any questions,
    concerns, or suggestions regarding our practices, please do not hesitate to contact us at

We place a strong focus on playful designs that still embrace modern
aesthetics, boldly incorporating nature rather than using it as small
detailing and ensuring that all products are crafted with skill and
attention to detail.

Fashion Baby prioritises quality craftsmanship and durability, utilising a select group of
Portuguese suppliers and primarily producing in Porto. Materials, including
environmentally-sourced, by-product vegan leathers, and 100% organic cottons are carefully
chosen with sustainability as a long-term goal integrated into all aspects of the brand and
business operations. Fashion Baby is committed to ongoing efforts to minimise its impact and
achieve sustainable growth.